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Reina Charoite ThermoIONI Necklace

Reina Charoite ThermoIONI Necklace

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  • Cruelty Free
  • Pthalate Free
  • Paraben Free
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Reina Charoite ThermoIONI Necklace

Reina Charoite ThermoIONI Necklace

Regular price $24.97
Regular price $24.97 Sale price
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Before we introduce our incredible product, let's spotlight a few of our delighted customers.

I've been struggling for several years to lose weight and have tried different methods without success. Despite my diet efforts, my hectic schedule made it difficult to find time to make the necessary diet and exercise changes. I was ready to give up on my weight loss goals when a friend suggested I try the Reina Charoite ThermoIONI Necklace. Initially, I was doubtful, but after just one week of wearing the necklace, I felt great and had more energy throughout the day. Additionally, I noticed that my stomach bloating was decreasing. After consistently wearing the necklace for 8 weeks, I lost 68 pounds, and my friends didn't even recognize me; this is the best purchase I've ever made in my life!

-Annalise, 31, Brooklyn, NJ

A friend of mine told me about the Reina Charoite ThermoIONI Necklace. I had been trying to lose weight for some time, but my busy schedule made it difficult to stick to a diet. I was surprised to find that the necklace required little effort on my part, yet it helped me boost my metabolism and burn more calories without having to change my diet. After 8 weeks of using the necklace, I have successfully lost 73 lbs!

-Caroline, 29, Orlando, MG

What is thermogenic therapy?

Thermogenic therapy, a method of utilizing the principles of thermogenesis to promote weight loss and improve overall health, was first proposed by Dr. Michael Roy Davis in the 1970s. Dr. Davis investigated the effects of various electrical charges on the human body through his research and identified the Charoite as a key catalyst in this therapy. The Charoite stone has been discovered to have cytotoxic properties, allowing it to target malignant cells, as well as to realign energy channels, re-establish body equilibrium, and improve blood circulation. 

Thermogenic therapy is designed to realign energy channels and bring equilibrium to the body's natural flow, which in turn facilitates self-healing. The combination of charoite and hematite plays a crucial role in this therapy and has been found to be beneficial in addressing a range of issues such as anxiety, depression, insomnia, and digestive problems.

How does Reina Charoite ThermoIONI Necklace work?

In the year 2000, Kazumi Kudo, the founder of Reina, developed a necklace that utilized Charoite stone in order to enhance the accessibility and convenience of thermogenic therapy. Kudo conducted extensive research and experimentation and ultimately achieved a scientific breakthrough by manipulating the north-south polarity of the necklace.

Conventional magnetic devices either use magnets with low magnetic field penetration or produce opposing poles, resulting in a "dead zone" between the magnets. The Reina Charoite ThermoIONI Necklace, on the other hand, employs an alternate north-south polarity orientation to enhance the magnetic field flow and release electromagnetic charge, thus removing blockages in the body and restoring the natural flow of energy.

What makes the Reina Charoite ThermoIONI Necklace special?

  • Powerful Thermogenic therapy than other minerals
  • 10x stronger Charoite than other elements
  • Effective Body Detoxification
  • Reduce 85% of excess Lymph Fluid in 3 Months
  • Unclog Bloodstream and Lymph Nodes
  • Accelerate Metabolism
  • Clarifies, cleanses, and flushes out the lymphatic system
  • Prevents lymphatic congestion
  • Promotes lymphatic drainage
  • Promotes the detoxification process for effective
  • Effective for weight loss

Check out Jane's weight loss journey with Reina Charoite ThermoIONI Necklace:

I have been experiencing weight gain as a result of spending long hours sitting in front of the computer. In an effort to address this issue, I chose to try the Reina Charoite ThermoIONI Necklace. After a period of one week of wearing the necklace, I have observed positive progress. I have noticed that my appetite has decreased, and I am able to control my cravings for unhealthy snacks. The necklace is helping me manage my weight, which I believe is a great step towards a healthier and more active lifestyle!

After using the Reina necklace for 8 weeks, I have observed significant changes in my body. My abdominal fat has decreased, and I no longer experience the tiredness and sluggishness that I used to. My exercise routines have also been more effective, and I am looking forward to seeing continued progress in the upcoming weeks. The necklace is comfortable to wear throughout the day and easy to incorporate into my daily routine. Overall, I am quite satisfied with my progress and excited to see the final outcome!

I can confidently say that I am a fan of the Reina necklace. This product has allowed me to see remarkable changes in just 8 weeks of using it. Since wearing the necklace, I have lost 78 lbs. and 7 inches off my waistline. Additionally, I feel that my body is undergoing a detoxification process and internal cleansing. My friends were astounded by my transformation, and many of them have decided to try the necklace for themselves!

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