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Pore Blurring Primer Gel

Pore Blurring Primer Gel

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Pore Blurring Primer Gel

Pore Blurring Primer Gel

Regular price $24.97
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This makeup primer cream has a light and refreshing gel texture that is easy to absorb, moisturizing your skin without the oily look and providing extra hold for your makeup.

Courtney Parry (28), San Jose, California

One of my favorite makeup primers! I tried this blur primer last month and I’ve been in love ever since. The last time I ordered online, I immediately ordered 3 just to stock them at home. This primer is perfect for the pores, is extremely soft and absorbs very quickly! It does conceal imperfections while still letting the skin breathe. I love it. It glides on smoothly when applied.


Alicia Powell (32), Atlanta, Georgia

I really like this primer. It does fill out my pores and is a good match to my liquid foundation. It works well even when I only wear mineral powder or tinted moisturizer. It gives it an extra layer between my skin and makeup and I feel it makes everything last longer than if I didn’t use a primer cream. I’ve been using the Pore Blurring Primer Gel for 2 months now, and I love the feel of its gel consistency on my face. The best part about this product is it doesn't pill. This stuff is really good and worth a try!


Sandi Tan (29), Sydney, Australia

I love this pore concealer cream since I need to prevent my mask from getting worse again. This primer gives excellent oil control but is surprisingly hydrating. It also helps a lot especially to those who would like to avoid clogging pores due to too much sebum. I'll recommend this 100% to people with excessive sebum on their face. I apply this cream and then put on a mattifying foundation afterwards, and my skin looks smooth and poreless!


Experience The Ultimate Blurring and Pore Erasing Effect

This primer acts as a barrier between your skin and makeup products and lets you create a flawless, silky-smooth canvas that your makeup can adhere to, especially in summer when oil and sweat can cause makeup meltdown. Depending on your skin type or skin concerns, a good primer can also provide added skincare benefits.

In addition to providing a smooth base for better makeup application and preventing your makeup from sliding or melting, it can also conceal uneven skin texture, fine lines, or prominent pores. Other types of makeup primer contain formulas that give your skin an extra glow or a boost of hydration, making your skin look plump, fresh, and dewy. While others feature excellent sebum control that helps manage oil-moisture balance of your complexion while wearing makeup.


For That Perfect Oil-Free Long-Lasting Makeup Look

The Pore Blurring Primer Gel is formulated to provide a self-attached soft focal filter on your skin when applied. This filter blurs out the appearance of pores, dry patches, dull and bumpy skin, and fine lines. This primer gel cream also leaves a mattifying effect to control excessive sebum production, which can melt your makeup and make your face look oily.

Additionally, this pore concealer cream acts as an invisible umbrella that protects your skin from potential damage caused by UV rays, infrared, second-hand smoke, and other atmospheric pollutants and hazards during the day. This makeup primer is infused with natural plant extracts and has a condensed gel texture that delivers sufficient moisture that feels refreshing and non-greasy.


The Pore Blurring Primer Gel contains:

Phellodendron amurense bark extract - This ingredient has mild antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that help calm the skin and prevent acne-causing bacteria from spreading. This also maintains the skin’s water and oil balance.

Calendula extract - Rich in naturally occurring antioxidants, calendula is beneficial in soothing the skin, stimulating collagen production, and preventing dryness and acne. It conditions skin and smooths visible pores.

Macroalgae extract - This ingredient provides a protective film that shields the skin from the damaging effects of UV rays and pollution. It also moisturizes and hydrates, leaving a smooth and supple finish.


Benefits of the Pore Blurring Primer Gel:

  • Provides a smooth canvas for your makeup application
  • Keeps your makeup in place all day
  • Conceals prominent porers, coarse texture, and uneven skin tone
  • Gives a long-lasting makeup effect and fresh and dewy finish
  • Prevents makeup meltdown caused by excess oil and sweat
  • Delivers sebum-controlling properties and mattifying effect without over drying
  • Moisturizes and soothes skin with natural plant extracts
  • Leaves a protective film that shields against UV rays and pollutants

When choosing a primer, it's best to search for a formula that suits your skin type and condition. However, makeup primers like the Pore Blurring Primer Gel are formulated for any skin type. It has all the soothing, hydrating, pore blurring, and oil controlling properties and excellent makeup hold that almost everyone looks for in a primer. I highly recommend this product.” - Jeda Martinez, Touch Up beauty editor


Camille Fowler on why everyone should add the Pore Blurring Primer Gel to their makeup kit

I tried the Pore Blurring Primer Gel in two completely different makeup looks -  a matte, peach makeup look for a wedding and a dewy makeup for daily wear and it did not disappoint.

To create a flawless, solid base, I started applying this primer gel cream to cover my huge pores and fading acne scars and it actually concealed all the imperfections. Then, I proceeded to apply a matte foundation and the rest of the products. I loved it! Even though I used a matte, full coverage foundation, this primer added a bit of luminous effect and natural glow to the overall makeup look. Plus, the makeup stays on the whole event!

I used this pore concealer cream again and it brightened my complexion just enough to complement my dewy makeup. It also made the makeup application a lot easier. Also, I put this product through an all-day test again and there was no caking and oily face at the end of the day. This is a product that everyone should absolutely try!


Product Specifications:

  • Color: pink
  • Product weight: 30ml
  • Texture: Gel


Package includes:

  • 1 x Pore Blurring Primer Gel (30g)
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